frequently asked questions

What you snack on is important and we believe its our responsibility to be as honest as possible! So here's our simple answers to our most frequent questions.

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HOw much Caffeine is actually in a bag of Joe Chocolates?

Each 2.5 oz bag of Joe Chocolates has the caffeine equivalent to about two 8-oz cups of coffee. This stuff really does work, and that's why we make it! We believe a snack should serve a vital purpose in your day-to-day life AND it should taste good.

are joe chocolates allergen free?

No. Some of our products contain dairy and nuts. We use shared machines and utensils in our small kitchen to process all of our chocolate. For this reason we cannot guarantee that Joe Chocolates products are allergen free. Our packages list the allergens in each of our products.

What kind of ingredients go into a bag of Joe Chocolates?

We are flavor, texture, and ingredient freaks! It's our belief that great tasting food should start from simple, delicious ingredients. We want you to be able to recognize every ingredient that you put in your body.  Our coffee beans are small-batch roasted by our friends at Lighthouse Roasters, our chocolate is sourced from the family-operated Guittard Chocolate Company, and our toppings and inclusions are all handmade!

Are Joe Chocolates Bean-to-Bar?

Joe Chocolates is not bean to bar. Bean-to-bar means that a company purchases raw cacao from a source and processes them in-house to create chocolate. We use a fine dark-chocolate that is ethically sourced from around the world and is processed right here on the West Coast. 


Not yet, but we will be soon! That said, we do hold all of our ingredients to a very high standard. Our chocolate is sourced under Fair Labor standards which means there is no human trafficking, slave labor, or child labor in the supply chain. Our coffee is sourced from a variety of farmer-owned Co-Ops in Central and South America. We are committed to full Fair Trade certification in the coming months.


Coffee and chocolate are naturally shelf stable! If they are sealed and stored in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight, Joe Chocolates will be fresh for 6 months. Check the back of your package for the best enjoyed by date. Once the enjoy by date has passed, you can still eat your bag of Joe Chocolates, it may just look a little dusty. Worry not, that's not mold, it's called marring and it happens from the chocolate getting bumped around. 

What about GMO ingredients?

All of our chocolate is certified GMO free, and we are working with our suppliers to get the rest of our ingredients certified GMO free. 


All of our chocolate is gluten free. Other than that, the answer is: it depends. Given the ingredients that we like to work with, some dietary restrictions are more difficult to cater to. Our Midnight Coconut, Holy Cacao and seasonal Frosted Peppermint are great for all you vegan folks! 

When Will I Get My Order?

As quickly as it can reach you! We will have your order ready within 48-hours of when you purchase online and delivered in 2-3 business days via USPS Priority mail. To guarantee your chocolate is as tasty (and not melted) as possible, orders received on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday will ship out on the following Monday. During the Summer, we will do everything we can to ensure that your chocolate arrives in perfect condition, including packing on ice, expediting shipping, and padded insulation. Accidents happen, so if it melts or is otherwise not perfect, let us know and we will try to fix whatever happened. 

Does Joe Chocolates come in a decaf option?

Not so far. But we are always working on new ideas!

Are Joe Chocolates really that Good?

Oh yeah! They really are.