Caveman's Dirtbag Sponsorship


On May 1st of 2016, our buddy Lucas (trail-name, Caveman) left for the Mexico border so he could hike the Pacific Crest Trail. We had our concerns. Lucas was 6'6", skinny as can be, and hiking alone. But he was excited, and his energy was inspiring and contagious. Approximately 300-miles in, Caveman started reaching out, asking us to send him "some of that coffee chocolate" we'd been making in our class project at UW. We happily sent him some big bags of chocolate, resealable so they wouldn't leak into his pack if and when they melted, with encouraging notes written on the front. Whenever he ran out, we'd have another bag waiting for him at the closest pit-stop. As Caveman was finding his stride on the trail we were finding ours as chocolatiers. Doing our tiny part to help our close friend wind his way home turned making candy into making chocolate with an energizing purpose. 

In honor of Caveman, we are partnering with Patagonia Seattle and Lighthouse Roasters to help send off the next class of hikers as they blaze their own trail along the PCT. So here's what we are looking for:

Dirtbag Requirements:

  • A gal and guy with plans to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail
  • Active on social media and looking to collaborate with us and our partner sponsors
  • In need of a bit of extra cash, food, gear, and goodies 
  • Departing between April 15 and May 1

Sponsorship Details:

  • $500 cash for each hiker for whatever your heart desires
  • Multiple shipments of Joe Chocolates to energize you and your dirtbag friends
  • Multiple shipments of Patagonia Provisions to feed your hungry belly, provided by Patagonia Seattle
  • A few of lovingly-used Patagonia gear suited for the next leg of the trail, Provided by Patagonia Seattle
  • Other goodies tossed in by the teams at Joe Chocolates, Patagonia Seattle, and Lighthouse Roasters


  • A bio about you, your plans, excitements, fears, and anything else you think we should know
  • A brief explanation why you think you're the best candidate for this sponsorship 
  • An overview of your itinerary so we can plan your shipments 
  • Post a photo of yourself on your Instagram with the #cavemansdirtbagsponsorship

Thank you so much to Patagonia Seattle, and Lighthouse Roasters for helping us with this! And just so you know, this is not a memorial or a rememberance of Caveman! He is alive and well, lives in Seattle, is dating an awesome gal he met on the PCT, and is helping us organize this whole ordeal. Just thought we should clarify.

 Caveman's Cave

Caveman's Cave

 Caveman and Oilcan at the PCT's Northern Terminus

Caveman and Oilcan at the PCT's Northern Terminus