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Joe Chocolates are handmade with Seattle's best small-batch roasted coffee beans and handmade inclusions. We know that a little extra energy can go a long way, which is why each bag of our creamy and crunchy dark chocolate is the caffeine equivalent of two strong cups of coffee. We make every ounce of Joe Chocolates to help inspire, motivate, and engage in an active lifestyle that's filled with energy and good food. 


our story

Joe Chocolates began as a class project at the University of Washington in October of 2015. We wanted to help our friends stay energized through midterms and finals, and what better way than combining chocolate and coffee! Quickly, more and more of our busy collegiate peers heard about this new caffeinated snack, and started taking it with them everywhere they went. We realized our caffeinated chocolate was more than just an energizing study companion, it was becoming a part of our friends' lives.

On May 1st, 2016, one of our best friends, Lucas, departed from the Mexico border on his "walk home" along the 2650 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. Almost immediately, Lucas found he was carrying too much weight and had to offload a lot of his favorite things, coffee included. 

After a few weeks of 30+ mile days, Lucas gave us a ring, let us know how much he missed us, shared some funny stories about his trip like how he earned the trail-name, "Caveman," and expressed how much he missed the boost from a morning coffee. The second he hung up, we packed a bag full of Joe Chocolates, wrote an encouraging note on the front, and sent it to his next checkpoint along the trail. This became a routine each time Lucas' supply of chocolate depleted. 

When September 22nd rolled around, Lucas was standing on our doorstep with a massive beard, crazy calluses and a group of equally scraggly friends from the trail. Lucas told us on some of his longest days, when another mile sounded impossible, our chocolate kept him and his friends going. We had played a tiny part in helping our friend tick a massive goal off his bucket list. 

We love great food, the energy it gives us, and what it allows us to do. So, whether your trek is a 2650 mile hike or 300 pages of a textbook in a dimly lit library, we want to be there to help, that's our goal.

-Sam + Peter


Our founders

 Chief Chocolate Officer

Sam Tanner


Peter Keckemet

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